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(ID: 3) located in Aachen Deutschland
(ID: 6) located in Abádszalók Ungarn
(ID: 8) old entity of Abádszalók, Kom. Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok Abádszalók
(ID: 11) located in Abano Terme Italien
(ID: 13) old entity of Abano Bagni Abano Terme
(ID: 16) old entity of Abaszéplak, Kom. Abaúj-Torna Košice
(ID: 18) located in Abaújszántó Ungarn
(ID: 20) old entity of Abaújszántó, Kom. Abaúj-Torna Abaújszántó
(ID: 23) located in Seňa Slowakei (Slowakische Republik)
(ID: 25) old entity of Abaújszina, Kom. Abaúj-Torna Seňa
(ID: 28) located in Opatija Kroatien
(ID: 30) old entity of Abbazia, Reg. Ven. Giulia Opatija
(ID: 32) old entity of Abbazia/Opatija, Bez. Volosca/Volosko Opatija
(ID: 34) located in Abbiategrasso Italien
(ID: 36) old entity of Abbiategrasso Abbiategrasso
(ID: 38) located in Ábelová Slowakei (Slowakische Republik)
(ID: 40) old entity of Ábelfalva, Kom. Nógrád Ábelová
(ID: 43) located in Abertamy Tschechische Republik
(ID: 45) old entity of Abertham, Bez. St. Joachimsthal Abertamy
(ID: 47) located in Abony Ungarn
(ID: 49) old entity of Abony, Kom. Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun Abony
(ID: 52) located in Absam Österreich
(ID: 54) old entity of Absam, Bez. Innsbruck Absam
(ID: 56) located in Abstatt Deutschland
(ID: 58) old entity of Abstatt (Schloß Wildeck) Abstatt

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